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 Popular Quests for farm materials/key mats/scrolls

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PostSubject: Popular Quests for farm materials/key mats/scrolls   Thu Sep 26, 2013 8:32 am

Den of Evil (Dynasty gear for heavy,parts-recipies)
- Expulsion of evil spirits
Stakato Nest
- I am the only one you can trust (prequest)
- Only whats remains (codex/eas/ews/icarus random keys-recipies)
- It smells dellicious!
- No more Soup for you (Morai heavy keys-recipies/Icarus keys-recipies)
- Rumble in the Base (daily quest)
- No secrets (prequest)
- Threat Removal (EAS/EWS/Firecry)

Forge of the Gods
- Gather the flames (rec S weapon)

Heine / FoW / FoS
- Winds of change - (prequest)
- Success/Failure of business
- Reed Field Maintenance (morai gear-robe keys/recipies)

- Seekers of the Holy grail (EWS/adena)

Monastery of Silence
- Secret Mission (Pre / 1 time quest)
- The one who ends silence (Icarus keys/recipies)
- Guardians of the Holy Grail (EAS/EWS)
- Fade to black

Mithril Mines
- Taking advantage of the Crisis - (Dynasty keys/recipies for light armor)

Giants Cave
- Exploration of the Giants Cave part 1 (Dynasty keys/recipies-random)
- Exploration of the Giants Cave part 2 (codex/mats)
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Popular Quests for farm materials/key mats/scrolls
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