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 Seven Signs quest series (79+lvl)

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Seven Signs quest series (79+lvl) Empty
PostSubject: Seven Signs quest series (79+lvl)   Seven Signs quest series (79+lvl) EmptyThu Oct 03, 2013 6:12 am

Seven Signs quest series are some useful quests that give XP points/SP points and some other useful stuff (on 81 you can take a forgotten scroll for skill)
Seven Signs Part 1, Series of Doubt,_Series_of_Doubt
Seven Signs Part 2, Dying Message,_Dying_Message
Seven Signs Part 3, Mammon's Contract,_Mammon%27s_Contract
Seven Signs Part 4, Secret Ritual of the Priests,_Secret_Ritual_of_the_Priests
Seven Signs Part 5, Seal of the Emperor,_Seal_of_the_Emperor
Seven Signs Part 6, Sacred Book of Seal,_Sacred_Book_of_Seal
Seven Signs Part 7, Embryo,_Embryo.

all the above quests can be taken from 79 lvl or above.
Also there are some more of these from 81 lvl or above.Details below:

Seven Signs Part 8, Girl of Doubt,_Girl_of_Doubt
Seven Signs Part 9, Forbidden Book of the Elmore-Aden Kingdom,_Forbidden_Book_of_the_Elmore-Aden_Kingdom
Seven Signs Part 10, To the Monastery of Silence,_To_the_Monastery_of_Silence
Seven Signs Part 11, Solina's Tomb,_Solina%27s_Tomb
Seven Signs Part 12, One Who Seeks the Power of the Seal,_One_Who_Seeks_the_Power_of_the_Seal
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Seven Signs quest series (79+lvl)
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