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 From zero to 2nd prof. The fastest way

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From zero to 2nd prof. The fastest way Empty
PostSubject: From zero to 2nd prof. The fastest way   From zero to 2nd prof. The fastest way EmptyThu Oct 03, 2013 7:15 am

*Dont waste time to get blue gemstone, dont even talk to newbie guide near gremlins.

*Kill one gremlin (or dont kill any) and go for keltirs. Exp there till level 6th and use SoE:Kamael.
*Use SoE:Kamael, take 200 SS from newbie guide and go north-west and kill few elpy/keltirs to get level 6th.

*Go back to Newbie Guide, He will give you coupons for weapons. Take 2 weapons: bow (If you're lucky enough and dropped arrows from keltirs) and other weapon fitting to your class (mage stick, fists, swords).
Take free buffs.

*Go to Guard Marcela in Kamael village. Take the Quest Head for the Hills (dont bother with Supply Check)
*Go to the gatekeeper and teleport to Stronghold I. Go 100m south-west. You will find Green Goblins and Mountain Werewolfs. Kill one Goblin(or more if u didnt get QI) to get quest item(I think its ~75% drop rate), try not to kill Werewolfs (watch out, they're social with Goblins). If you got quest item from 1st goblin you should have level ~6 & 90%. SoE:Kamael, go back to Marcela, she will give you 6000 SS/SpS.
*Go to Newbie Guide, If you're level 6 then he will give you level 15 (if you're level 9 which is maximum level you can be to get any experience at all you will get 13th lvl)

*If you failed to finish quest on level 6th then quickly tp to "Stronghold II" and kill few monsters to get to level 15th. (Monsters are northeast from spawn)

*Teleport to Dwarven Village (From newbie guide or GK), go to grocery shop and talk with TRADER MION. She will give you quest. (you can buy hp pots and arrows if you want)
*Teleport to "Western Mining Zone (Central Shore)". Swim north across the river, you will find tarantulas and Pumas. Same as with goblins. Kill one Tarantula to get an item (Tarantula Spider Silk). Try not to more monsters then its needed).
Talk with Mion and go to Newbie Guide. He will give you 25th level.

*If everything went smooth and fast you made it in 8 MINUTES.

*You should have ~165k adena. Go to Giran and buy top D common weapon, armor and jewels. It will cost you 150k at maximum. Top D grade weapon deals more damage then newbie no grade with shots.
*If you're a MAGE then buy devotion set and common d weapon.

*Go take quest for 1st proffesion change and buy skills if you want (yeah, now we're buying skills).
If your 1st class change quest include killing some Quest Monster who spawns every few minutes then you should rush for quest even before buying D grades (you will start 3 minutes earlier). After done quest buy skills.

*Quest should take you around 15 minutes (Thats how long it took me to do it while having to kill 16 mobs in 3 different locations) Some classes will do it faster or slower.

Make Money quests: (do them before or after kamaloka, SSD quest before for sure)

*Teleport to Orc Village, go to the big building and turn to the left room (Where orc mystics buy skills). Talk to Seer Livina and take "Walk of Fate" quest.
*Teleport to the Shuttgart, go to orc guild and take quest "Ominous News" from Seer Moira.
*Teleport to Crypts of Disgrace and talk to NPC Karuda, turn both quests.
*make Quest for money from DE Village warehouse. *154k*
***You will get 27-28 lvl and money for top D grades. Go to Giran buy them.
*IF YOU ARE DARK ELF go make Merkenis quest. 700k money for that.

Quest for 1740 SSD:
*Dwarven Village, buy 10 thief key, 20 bandage, 5 energy stone (in grocery), /target filaur, take 2nd quest, talk to filaur again. Go to shuttgart -> Plunderous plains, /target obi, take "materials", or money if you want 120k

*Now you have ~30 lvl and 1st proff. Go to Gludio and form a party of 3 ppl and go to Kamaloka lvl 26. You may need some HP potions. 1740 SSD should be just enough for 2 damage dealers to kill boss + some healer without shots.

*If you're waiting for other ppl to finish quest then you can start wolf quest (QI rate x1 so it may take a while) or kokaboora quest. However those will lower your vitality level

*After Kamaloka you should have ~34-35 level and vit drop to level 0-1, buy (B)SSD(your dwarf should've made them already)
*go make Pailaka quest in Gludin. Or if you're mage go farm wherever u want.
*Now you're ~40 and dont have 3kk for 2nd class quest.
*Go to Blacksmith Kusto in Giran, complete 4 Cruma related quest which will give you around 2kk money. It takes 15 minutes at maximum.

*ppl who do things fastest go to spoil ssc/bssc recipes with spoilers.

YOU SHOULD HAVE AROUND ~3,1KK MONEY. (Kamaels dont need that much adena so they'll provide money for C grade weapons and C crystals for dwarf SSC craft.

*Make 2nd prof quest and go kill AQ.
2 hours, 30 minutes have passed since server start (at maximum (with 2nd prof kamael quest done).

MAKE WOLF AFTER 2ND PROF. U CAN MAKE KOBABOORA EARLIER IF U WANT. (but u wont have 3kk for prof then).

*Dont waste time at selecting your character Hair/face.
*Dont pickup gremlin/keltir drop (they're useless).
*If there's over 9000 ppl in your starting village, use SoE:Kamael, take shots from newbie and go south, there's plenty of keltirs there. Or tp from Kamael Newbie Guide to other starting village and find your luck there.
*Put SoE and SoE:Kamael on Hotkey bar. Same with newbie weapons (Bow and Sword).
*In free time while running make macros for monsters in your first prof quest, ie /target Felim Lizardman Warrior
*Dont bother learning skills, even mage can kill monster level 16 with Windstrike level 1, right? ^^
*Dont try to delevel yourself below level 10. You wont lose any exp.
*PK retards if they KS your quest monsters, if you want ofc.
*If you think you can make 6000 SS quest faster in your race village then do it (you'll gain same exp reward from newbie guide).
*Buy arrows @ Trader Mion and kill monsters with a bow (less chance you aggro some additional tarantulas/pumas.
*When doing 1st class quest with top d grades dont bother to kill other monster then you need, you can tank few mobs easily
*Click fast when buying skills!
*Take wolf quest when you're in Gludin making 1st prof quest.
*Study your 1st prof q before server starts.

If you find some better way, post it in this topic.

Make mage, do same thing for 1-25lvl as your main. Buy Wind strike lvl 5. Take quest at DEV npc Velior.
Go to school of dark arts (spider nest tp), kill merkenis, get 720k.
Take quest from DEV warehouse, finish it. transfer money to main char using freight system (you will end quest in gludin wh )

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From zero to 2nd prof. The fastest way
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